Dutch Women In Real Estate

BOSS, de studievereniging voor vastgoedprofessionals aan de TU Delft publiceert een onderzoek naar “het glazen plafond” onder studenten. DWIRE ging met hen in gesprek over ervaringen op de werkvloer en geeft tips aan toekomstige vrouwelijke professionals:

Changing the glass ceiling to open doors. An exploration of the glass ceiling and glass cliff in collaboration with DWIRE

The glass ceiling, and the lesser-known glass cliff, let you to believe that it is almost impossible for women to succeed at the top of the business. Working hard to move up the ladder, only to find out that the absolute top is being held from you by some outdated phenomenon. This cannot be true. What is it that women encounter that sets them back? In this article, we research the topics mentioned above using literature and a survey conducted with Management in the Built Environment (MBE) students and recent graduates. These findings were discussed in a conversation with the organisation of Dutch Women In Real Estate (DWIRE).

Lees hier het hele artikel: https://www.bosstudelft.nl/changing-the-glass-ceiling-to-open-doors/